All our standard (heavy duty) log lap cabins are built with 2"x 2"(45 x 45mm) framing, cladded with 22mm t&g log lap, the floor is constructed of 16 x 100mm tongue & groove on 2"x 2"(45 x 45mm) pressure treated timber, the roof is constructed of 16 x 100mm tongue & groove on 3" x 2"(45 x 75mm) spanning 8'(2400mm) max & 4" x 2"(45 x 97mm) spanning 10'(3000mm) max, tongue & groove roof overhangs (guttering recommended but not included, see extras) & is covered with green mineral felt (reinforced fibre), windows are timber framed fixed glazed with 2mm clear acrylic, door is ledge & brace style log lap with three 12" T hinges & a hasp & staple with padlock. All external timber is pre treated with a clear water based preservative ready to receive a coloured coat of your choice if you require (not included, see extras). All built in manageable panels & fixed with screws for easy disassembly if you ever needed to move the building or even take it with you if you move home.
4X3 log lap miniature play house